The Economist & iPAD, revolucionará la Lectura

Publishers take note: the iPad is altering the very concept of a ‘book’

(leer artículo completo en The Guardian)

If the success of Amazon’s Kindle has made print publishers relax, they’re in for a nasty surprise

John Naughton
The Observer, Sunday 19 December 2010
Article history
“One of the glories of our print culture is the Economist, a magazine that combines eccentric, neoliberal editorial views with excellent, well-informed reporting. I have been a subscriber to it for more years than I care to remember and every weekend have tried to carve out the 90 minutes of undivided attention that it demands. It turns out that I am a perfectly normal customer in this respect.”
“In November 2009, I went to a talk given by Andrew Rashbass, CEO of the Economist, about the company’s digital strategy. He related how he had commissioned research in a large number of countries into how subscribers in those territories used the publication. The message that came back was consistent: people who buy the Economist make a weekly “appointment” with the magazine – time that they set aside to read it. The conclusion: publications such as the Economist provide “immersive reading experiences”, something that the web could not provide.”

Puedes ver estos dos interesantes videos en You Tube.


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